EDI 860/876

The EDI 860 is the Purchase Order Change. It is used by retailers to make a change to a Purchase Order that was previously issued. This may be a change the buyer initiates, or may reflect an adjustment the vendor requested from the buyer. The EDI 876 serves the same purpose, but is utilized by grocery stores.

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What’s in an EDI 860/876?

The EDI 860/876 includes the details of the change.  This may be an adjustment to:
  • The quantity
  • Adding or deleting an item
  • A date
  • The price
  • If the order is being cancelled

When is an EDI 860/876 typically issued?

The EDI 860/876 may be sent any time after the retailer has issued the order to a supplier.  This helps to ensure that the EDI 856 (Advanced Shipment Notice or ASN), as well as the EDI 860 (Invoice), will accurately reflect what was ordered and shipped.

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